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Windsor on Perez seat rumours: 'He brings a lot of sponsorship'

Windsor on Perez seat rumours: 'He brings a lot of sponsorship'

01-10-2023 13:34 Last update: 13:39

Sam Godber

Sergio Perez is having a difficult season. His performance on track is disappointing, and Lando Norris, among others, is being linked to his seat. Yet there is another factor at play for getting that seat, Peter Windsor tells us on his YouTube channel.

Perez had another difficult race in Japan. On the first lap, he lost part of his wing, and just after that he tapped Kevin Magnussen around. Sometimes Perez achieves good results, but he cannot hold on to them consistently.

'Perez takes sponsorship with him'

Helmut Marko has therefore expressed his interest in Norris on several occasions. However, Windsor suspects another factor is at play over Perez's seat: "I wouldn't put him [Perez] down as a paid driver as such, but I think he does bring sponsorship, there's no doubt about that. And that's obviously important to Red Bull. I mean, have you noticed since the passing of Dietrich Mateschitz how many companies there are on the Red Bull now? I mean, it's just covered in logos."

Windsor continued: "There was a time when the Red Bull was basically just Red Bull and a couple of other key suppliers, and that was about it, because Dietrich was paying for everything and it was a lovely, clean car. I'm not saying it's not a lovely look now, it still looks pretty funky, doesn't it? Funky in a good sense. But there's a lot going on with the Red Bull now."