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Mercedes continues to upgrade: 'There is still plenty to do with this car'

Mercedes continues to upgrade: 'There is still plenty to do with this car'

27-09-2023 18:35 Last update: 19:05

Mercedes says it will continue to develop the W14 through 2023. The team does look carefully at how useful this year's upgrades will be for next year's W15. After all, the team must not forget that they are still in contention for P2 in the constructors' championship.

Return of Mercedes requires divided attention

The remainder of the 2023 F1 season is still a battle between Ferrari and Mercedes for second place, and thus one that involves millions in prize money. Mercedes has become particularly familiar over the past decade with the situation Red Bull Racing is currently in. Red Bull won the constructors' title early on and no longer has the need to develop the RB19 further.

Red Bull is certainly still looking at possible interesting upgrades this year that will be useful for next year as well. Mercedes needs to do the same, but at the same time, they are under pressure from Ferrari in the championship. In doing so, the team also has the pressure of having to close a gap to Red Bull. Strategy chief Rosie Wait explains in the Mercedes Debrief how Mercedes will divide its attention in the final races of the year.

'P2 in constructors very important for Mercedes'

Wait: "This decision is never as black and white as it seems. Whilst we will have to use the winter to make more fundamental developments to W15, there are plenty of things we can do with the current car which will both make it faster and aid our learning and understanding to develop next year's car."

Mercedes is already engaged in this process and will continue to do so until the end of the year. The team mustn't make any wrong moves in that process. Wait: "We also mustn't lose sight of the fact that we are in a tight battle for P2 with Ferrari, and that position in the championship is really important to all of us. So, we have upgrades in the pipeline and will continue to be bringing them to the car."