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Palmer tough on Perez: 'That was a hugely bad move'

Palmer tough on Perez: 'That was a hugely bad move'

26-09-2023 20:51 Last update: 23:36


Former Formula1 driver Jolyon Palmer is very critical of Sergio Perez's performance in the Japanese Grand Prix. Palmer, now an analyst, reveals in an extensive analysis on Formula 1's official website that Perez's action on Kevin Magnussen was totally unnecessary. In addition, the Briton wonders aloud what has changed in the Mexican's racecraft.

Palmer critical of Perez's performance at Suzuka

Sergio Perez did not have his best race at Suzuka. After a touché with Lewis Hamilton even before the first corner, the Mexican collided with Kevin Magnussen later in the race. Perez attempted an overtaking move in the hairpin, tapped Magnussen around and damaged his RB19 himself. Analyst Palmer did not have a good word to say about the Red Bull driver's action.

"This one was a pretty poor move," the Brit starts. "I just don't think he's in the right headspace when it comes to wheel to wheel racing at the moment." Palmer sees the overtaking move as too optimistic and, according to him, Perez should have known that Magnussen was right on the corner. However, the analyst does not understand where this kind of action comes from:"Because he is a driver that i think has the capability of being brilliant in wheel to wheel racing. We've seen that in his time at Red Bull for the last couple of years, we have seen that in his whole career. He can be instinctive in wheel to wheel, he can be strong on the brakes, but this is a nothing move and it's exactly the same as the ones he put on in Singapore."

'Perez was maybe a bit frustrated'

Palmer wonders why Perez went for the action on Magnussen. According to him, the Mexican was too far away to make an overtaking move. He thinks frustration was the basis for the incident:"Maybe he was a bit frustrated, but this is never an acceptable action, to go for this from so far behind. And and another backmarker taken out for Perez."