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Verstappen and Red Bull impress Glock: 'Have done even better'

Verstappen and Red Bull impress Glock: 'Have done even better'

25-09-2023 08:39 Last update: 16:05

Sam Godber

To almost no one's surprise, Max Verstappen won the race at Suzuka. The 26 points scored allowed Red Bull Racing to take the world title after the Japanese Grand Prix. Earlier, we saw how laudatory both domestic and foreign media were when it came to dominance by Red Bull and Verstappen. Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock also praised the Dutchman and his team.

Glock praises Verstappen and Red Bull

"Winningthe title at this early stage of the season once again highlights the incredible dominance of Red Bull and Max Verstappen," the German writes in his column. "The fact that Max could have won the team championship with his points alone says it all. I think we have seen many years where teams dominated, but Red Bull has done even better this season," he continued.

Glock also has nothing but praise for the team. "The way they did it was extremely impressive. Red Bull has made almost no mistakes, is always strategically on top and has had no significant technical problems, so you can only take your hat off to them."

How can Verstappen become world champion in Qatar?

In Qatar, Verstappen can become world champion himself. It would then be his third world title in a row.