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Perez on rare incident: ‘We had a penalty to serve’

Perez on rare incident: ‘We had a penalty to serve’

24 September - 08:40

Sergio Perez had quite an eventful race at Suzuka. The Mexican was first boxed in after start and made contact with Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, then got a five-second penalty for a Safety Car infringement, and later he crashed into Kevin Magnussen and received a five-second penalty. Perez also had to go out on track after he retired to serve his second penalty.

It was a rare sight at the Japanese Grand Prix. Sergio Perez, with a car that has already been retired once, returned to the race for a couple of laps. Perez explained what happened: "We fixed the car and we had a penalty to serve, so we did that. we wanted to serve it here," the Red Bull driver told Viaplay.

While Perez served his first penalty during his second pit stop for safety car infringement, he later crashed into Kevin Magnussen as well, and got a second five-second penalty. In order to avoid a grid penalty in Qatar, Perez had to appear at the Suzuka Circuit for a second time.

A race to forget for Perez

Incidents involving Perez just kept happening in Japan, leaving the Mexican driver disappointed. "It was a disaster. It all started with the start. As soon as I released the clutch, there was no traction at all, so, I went into massive wheel spin. Then I was a passenger going into Turn 1 with Hamilton and Sainz on my side and they basically just took my front wing off and I had a lot of damage."