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Satisfied Brown: 'Push and see if we can get that Verstappen!'

Satisfied Brown: 'Push and see if we can get that Verstappen!'

23-09-2023 18:32 Last update: 20:59

McLaren CEO Zak Brown looked very pleased with his drivers' rock-solid qualifying. Oscar Piastri will start the Japanese Grand Prix from second position, with teammate Lando Norris right behind him. Brown saw strong runs from both drivers and to the media present he praised his drivers and entire team.

Brown satisfied with qualifying Norris and Piastri

Max Verstappen was simply unbeatable in qualifying at Suzuka, but behind him things got exciting. However, the McLaren team managed to secure the second and third starting positions, much to the delight of CEO Brown. Speaking to Viaplay, he indicated: "Very strong, great drives by Oscar and Lando, great work by the team, especially strategy-wise to be able to give us two sets of new tyres there at the end."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner indicated before the start of qualifying that McLaren would be his team's biggest challenger. Asked if Brown expected this, he stated, "You never expect it, you thought it was possible for sure. We've been quick all weekend, ever since the upgrades have gone on the car since Austria, we've been climbing the field, so I'm not surprised, but I didn't expect it."

Next, Brown also spoke to the British branch of Sky Sports. The American sees Piastri and Norris making the most of the car's potential:"They are definitely getting the best out of this car that all the men and women at McLaren have given them. The team back in the factory that have been designing and building have been pretty confident we would get results." With strong performances from the launch of the major update package in Austria, the Woking-based team does not seem to be proven wrong.

'Keep pushing and see if we can get that Verstappen!'

About the race, Brown is also positive. He knows the MCL60 has a fast car, but in addition he sees a very strong Verstappen. "We have been strong all weekend. Oscar and Lando are driving great," Brown said. "Oscar and Lando are driving great. It's pretty fast and we have to keep pushing to see if we can get that Max guy!"