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Honda reveals: Verstappen and Perez get better engine in 2024

Honda reveals: Verstappen and Perez get better engine in 2024

22-09-2023 19:17 Last update: 21:22

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing will get a better engine in 2024. Honda boss Koji Watanabe revealed this to De Telegraaf during the Grand Prix weekend in Japan.

Formula 1 is experiencing an 'engine freeze', yet all engine manufacturers are still rolling out numerous updates. These improvements relate to reliability, but the more reliable a power unit is, the longer it can cover hundreds of kilometres on a more aggressive engine setting. They are not sitting still at Honda either

"In terms of power and performance, we may not improve anything, but in other areas we can also make strides with this engine. At Ferrari, for example, they have developed the engine considerably and Mercedes' ERS system (Energy Recovery, ed.) is also very strong. We will also improve our engine for next year in terms of its longevity. So there is definitely something in the pipeline," Watanabe informed.

Red Bull-Honda relationship

Honda, meanwhile, has been Red Bull's engine supplier for several years, but that period is coming to an end. From 2026, the Japanese will join forces with Aston Martin, where Red Bull will develop its own engine with partner Ford. So only in 2024 and 2025 will Honda and Verstappen's team continue to work together.

That collaboration is going well, despite the relationship coming to an end. "Red Bull doesn't tell us anything about their engine, and we don't tell them anything about our development either. So there is already a kind of information war going on at the moment. At Red Bull, they do have some knowledge about our current engine, but ultimately we are responsible for the development and the whole process. Most of the knowledge is with us," Watanabe explained.