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'AlphaTauri won't be called Hugo Boss, Red Bull looks closer to home'

'AlphaTauri won't be called Hugo Boss, Red Bull looks closer to home'

20-09-2023 10:54 Last update: 11:51

AlphaTauri will no longer be called AlphaTauri next year. The team will remain active in Formula 1, but the clothing brand will make way for another namesake. Hugo Boss' name has been mentioned several times, but according to Joe Saward, Red Bull (as owner of the team) seems to be looking closer to home.

The seasoned Formula 1 journalist writes that the team's new identity will be a name associated with the Austrian energy drink and will be part of the 'Red Bull family'.

But what should that name be? Saward rightly notes that most of Red Bull's branding of sugar-free options (Red Bull Zero and Red Bull Sugar Free, for example) is related to Red Bull itself. Two teams with Red Bull in the name cannot be in Formula 1.

Water company

"Other brands such as Servus TV seem unlikely. However, earlier this year Red Bull got into the water business in a more serious fashion, by purchasing the Brandenburger Urstromquelle firm. F1 has seen a big push by water company BWT in recent years and it may be that Red Bull sees the value of a similar project, using its existing distribution networks", Saward said on his own website.

He continued: "The other thought I had was that Red Bull partner Rauch might join the fray although Rauch Racing would be confusing for American fans as there is already a famous Roush Racing in NASCAR. Still we have had AlfaTauri and Alpha Romeo of late so I guess anything is possible. Rauch sells fruit juices, ice teas and isotonic drinks, but is is also the only firm that bottles (or rather cans) Red Bull."

Boss, according to Saward's information, does seem to be becoming a sponsor of Hugo Boss, but thus not the title sponsor. In a few months, we will know under which name AlphaTauri will continue in the king class of motorsport from 2024.