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No partying at Ferrari: 'Then the challenge becomes great again'

No partying at Ferrari: 'Then the challenge becomes great again'

19-09-2023 10:29 Last update: 12:25
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Toby McLuskie

Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur is hugely pleased with Ferrari's win in Singapore. For the Frenchman, it was his first victory as overall manager at the Italian racing stable. Nevertheless, Vasseur wants to temper expectations, he told Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Carlos Sainz finally crossed the line first in Singapore after a thrilling Grand Prix. Teammate Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were (possibly) hoping for a misstep from the Spaniard, but none materialised. The Madrid native thus recorded his second ever F1 victory. Sainz may not have had the fastest car or the best tyres at his disposal, but with brilliant strategy and tactics he managed to give Ferrari its first win in a year.

Compliments for Sainz

It earned him nice compliments from his team boss:"He drove really extraordinary. He had to continue [after the safety car] for 40 laps on the hard tyre and handled it perfectly." The Frenchman also praised his driver's tactical ability. Sainz opted to keep Norris inside the DRS in the last 10 laps to keep him in front of the Mercedes men.

That the 'prancing horse' now knows what winning is again does not mean the flag can go out. "We should not get too excited," argues Vasseur."At Suzuka it will just be very difficult again," he concludes honestly.