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'If Perez is smart, he will switch to another team'

'If Perez is smart, he will switch to another team'

01-09-2023 08:45 Last update: 09:04

Former driver Gerhard Berger has given his opinion on Sergio Perez's position within Red Bull. Berger thinks Perez would be wise to look for a seat with another team. Indeed, according to the Austrian, the Mexican is driving alongside an exceptional talent whom he will never be able to beat consistently. Berger explains his views to the German branch of Speedweek.

Perez had strong start to season

Sergio Perez is currently second in the world championship standings. Although the Mexican managed to win the Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix, he is now 138 points behind Max Verstappen. Perez also had to acknowledge his superiority to the Dutchman at Zandvoort. Berger sees Verstappen standing head and shoulders above the rest of the field, and gives his opinion on the situation at Red Bull.

"Perez has no mental or other problems. He is just a good driver, but his teammate is just an exceptional talent. If Sergio is smart, he will look for another team to break this deadlock and can show his performance again. He will never be able to beat Max [Verstappen] consistently," said the former McLaren and Ferrari driver, among others. Berger knows what he is talking about, in the past he was a teammate of the legendary Ayrton Senna, among others.

Berger: 'Verstappen is just in a class of his own'

Furthermore, Berger sees that the combination of Red Bull and Max Verstappen is deadly this season. "If there was a real rival for Max, the gap might be a bit smaller. The is difference is still being made by Max and his car," Berger continued. "Verstappen is just in a class of his own. The lead is so big that others can only get closer on a day when they do well with the set-up themselves and RBR might not be ideally placed for once. But even then, Max pulls coals out of the fire."