Aston Martin goes into battle again: 'It's never one thing'

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30 August at 07:06
Last update 30 August at 08:55

After some disappointing Grand Prix weekends where things were not going so well, Aston Martin now seems to have a good race car. Fernando Alonso's team started the year very surprisingly with some podium finishes, but at one point the car seemed to become less and less competitive. Aston Martin engineer Tom McCullough knows where the problem was.

After the Dutch Grand Prix, Alonso was once again allowed to sit on the podium. Something he had done before this season in Monaco, Miami, Australia, Bahrain, Canada and Saudi Arabia. After the Canadian Grand Prix, things seemed to slow down. The team introduced a new base plate in Canada, but this did not prove to work a few races later.

Aston Martin's Formula 1 car

"It's never one thing. Sometimes they bring a bit of a characteristic change. Sometimes you go to tracks that suit your base package more or less," Tom McCullough told. We've actually changed the aggressiveness of development in certain areas. Obviously some teams came back strong who maybe weren't as strong to start off with. Going forward, we're still trying to push quite hard between now and the end of the year," he told.