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Pirelli report after extensive testing: 'Ban of tyre blankets possible'

Pirelli report after extensive testing: 'Ban of tyre blankets possible'

18-08-2023 12:32 Last update: 19-08-2023 08:44


Pirelli believes banning tyre blankets was possible for Formula 1, according to a detailed report, from Auto, Motor und Sport. Nevertheless, the banning of tyre blankets will be delayed for at least one season, as teams and drivers are sceptical.

No changes to tyres in '24

During the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, teams had to agree on whether or not to allow the final introduction of tyres that did not require blankets. It was decided that at least for 2024 - the year for which this was initially envisaged - everything would remain as it was, i.e. the tyre blankets would simply remain.

An additional consequence of this decision was that Bridgestone would not have been written off as a tyre supplier from the 2025 season. Indeed, had the ban on blankets been in place, Bridgestone would not have had enough time to develop a suitable F1 tyre and, as a result, the expiring contract between F1 and Pirelli would have to be renewed.

Drivers feared accidents

At the time of the vote, the Italian tyre brand had tested 17,134 kilometres with the intended new tyres. A 29-page report detailed its findings, concluding that the new type of tyres (which do not require blankets, that is) would be possible for use in F1. True, the grip level would decrease by three per cent with the new tyre, but drivers would not have to worry about driving with 'cold tyres' for a long time. Indeed, the fear was that accidents would happen faster.

According to Pirelli, the proposed tyres would be at the right temperature as early as entering the second sector. So it would only be adjusting on the stretch between the pit lane exit and the first sector of the track. Tyre degradation would be the same as with the current generation of tyres. Only in Bahrain did Pirelli detect slightly more wear.

Pirelli, meanwhile, continues testing and developing the tyre for - in principle -2025. Testing is also planned after the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.