Verstappen gets news: 'New trophy GP Hungary coming at the end of September'


Late September new trophy for Verstappen after incident with Norris
17 August at 09:31
Last update 17 August at 09:42
  • Cas van de Kleut

It has now been almost a month since Lando Norris dropped Max Verstappen 's trophy from the podium after the Hungarian Grand Prix. The trophy's creator, Herend, is now busy making a new trophy. This is at the latest to be finished by the end of September, according to Simon Attila, CEO of the company that made the expensive vase.

It was big celebration on the podium after the Hungarian Grand Prix. Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix by force, and Lando Norris closed in on second place for the second weekend in a row, after the McLaren made a huge step up in speed. Things went wrong during the podium ceremony: while Verstappen was celebrating, Norris, as he always does when he is on the podium, jumped onto the podium with his bottle of sparkling wine. The blow was so hard that Verstappen's trophy lost its balance, and fell to the ground broken. Afterwards, the vase turned out to have had no less than six months of work in it.

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New trophy Verstappen ready by the end of September

Meanwhile, producer Herend has been working on making a new vase for a while, to give it to Verstappen as a trophy, Attila told "Production started in early August and painting and gilding work is currently underway. We will be ready by the end of September at the latest."

Norris welcomed to factory F1 trophy GP Hungary

Norris apologised after the incident for breaking the vase. Attila informed that Norris is welcome at the factory's visitor centre, but that there has been no communication yet: "We have not had any communication with the team regarding Lando Norris' visit and are currently concentrating on refinishing the trophy."