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Lewis Hamilton soon hopes for a female F1 driver

No female drivers in F1: 'That's a problem'

15 August 2023 at 08:31
Last update 15 August 2023 at 09:24

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula One world champion, has condemned the lack of gender diversity in the sport. Speaking to Marca, the Briton does not hide his displeasure.


Although some female drivers have competed in Formula 1 in the past, such as Maria Teresa de Filippis and Lella Lombardi, women have not been given a seat in Formula 1 in recent decades. In 2015, Susie Wolff became the first woman in 22 years to drive an official Formula One session. She then drove a free practice for Williams. The last time a female driver got behind a Formula 1 wheel was in 2018 when Tatiana Calderon got to drive a test for Alfa Romeo.

Women in Formula 1

According to Hamilton, the sport has taken too little action in recent years. "In the 16 years I have been driving in this sport, it has only been men here. That's a problem." According to the Englishman, action should have been taken earlier: "We have not paid enough attention or given enough importance to the lack of gender diversity in the sport."

Dutch success

The FIA recently created a new racing class, the F1 Academy, to prepare female racing talent for Formula 1, with the project being led by none other than Susie Wolff. After six Grands Prix, the series is heading to the concluding races of the year at Austin, Texas, in October.