Manager Webber praises pupil Piastri: 'Phenomenal, phenomenal'

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mark webber on oscar piastri
7 August at 19:15
Last update 8 August at 08:17

The start of the season, due to the McLaren's lack of speed, was not as Oscar Piastri had hoped in terms of results, although the Australian was spared any odd slips. Since the Woking-based team has got things right, Piastri too has been able to show his qualities often. His second place in the Sprint at Spa-Francorchamps was his highlight for now.

Piastri is currently coached by Mark Webber, himself a former Formula 1 driver. He tells that 'we are all very proud' of the rookie and speaks of a 'phenomenal, phenomenal' start to his F1 career. In doing so, Webber also credits McLaren, which he says ensured that real steps forward could be taken in a short space of time.

One-year break for Piastri

"I think it’s still so easy to forget that Oscar didn’t race last year. I think the start of the year it does take time. It’s his first time in F1, it’s not like he’s returning from a break… He’s been away 15 months and has never raced in F1," said Webber, who therefore finds it all the more fantastic how Piastri is currently driving.

Piastri came over for this season from Alpine, which initially thought it had a contract with the Australian. In the end, an FIA arbitration committee had to decide which team Piastri had a valid contract with. So that was McLaren, for which the rookie has since collected 34 points.