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Horner on often outspoken Marko: 'Nightmare for any PR manager'

Horner on often outspoken Marko: 'Nightmare for any PR manager'

04-08-2023 12:42 Last update: 13:55

Helmut Marko is an outspoken person. If something does not suit him or he is angry or disappointed about something, Red Bull-Racing does not shy away from the media. According to Christian Horner, Marko does not always follow the guidelines set by the Austrian formation, as best he can.

"He's a communication manager's nightmare," Horner joked in the ESPN podcast F1 Unlapped. Some opinions Marko would be better off keeping to himself, and this is also controlled by the team of spokespeople. However, he seems (consciously or unconsciously) to have little concern for that. "So when Helmut goes rogue, then you guys only have the problem, and you'll get a headline", he laughs.

Marko looks like Lauda

Marko is straightforward, which is precisely what Horner finds strong. "He just calls it as he sees it. He just will tell you exactly what he thinks, which in many respects is very similar to how Nicki Lauda was. There the same generation, the same make up in many ways." Marko and Lauda, who was closely involved with Mercedes as an advisor before his death, were very good friends.

Not only the media knows that Marko is often harsh in his statements, but the Red Bull juniors are also all too aware that Marko often does not mince his words. "He's a tough operator with the junior drivers, but if they can't survive Helmut, they'll never survive Formula 1," Horner said of them.

Still very passionate

Marko, despite his 80 years, is still pursuing talent. Guillaume Rocquelin is officially in charge of the Red Bull junior team, but Marko contributes a lot. "He's 80 years young, he's still watching every Formula 3 session, every F2 session, every split time, and following the young talent religiously. So yeah, I've always had a very straightforward and good relationship with him. Straightforward is a pretty good word for Helmut." Horner praised.