'AlphaTauri will drive a copy of the Red Bull RB19 in 2024'

'AlphaTauri will drive a copy of the Red Bull RB19 in 2024'

04-08-2023 10:20 Last update: 11:19

AlphaTauri will be at the starting line-up next year with a copy of Red Bull's RB19, Sky Sports commentator David Croft thinks he knows. According to the Brit, there are persistent rumours in the Formula 1 paddock and he himself likes the idea. In a podcast by Sky Sports, Croft discusses what he thinks he knows about this rumour.

AlphaTauri regains influence from Red Bull

Although Red Bull Racing leads proudly in both the drivers' and constructors' championships, AlphaTauri is struggling to collect any points at all. In recent years, the Italian team mainly set their own course, but Red Bull decided earlier this year to increase interference within AlphaTauri again. Helmut Marko already hinted that there is a chance AlphaTauri will take over parts from Red Bull, stories from the paddock are currently even about an almost exact copy of Red Bull's success car.

Croft comments: "There are lots of reports that the plan is under whatever name they’re going to be, maybe Toro Rosso once again, that they run this year’s Red Bull next year." The Briton cites Japan's Super Aguri team as an example, which competed in a previous year's Honda car in 2006 and 2007. He also cited the collaboration between Haas and Ferrari, and referred to the 2020 Racing Point car. This car was seen as an almost identical copy of the previous year's Mercedes, leading to much controversy.

Tightened FIA rules on copying

There should therefore also be a comment on the rumour Croft is putting out into the world. AlphaTauri will in fact not be able to 100% copy the entire design and some parts. After Racing Point appeared with a copy of the Mercedes W10, the FIA intervened and drew up a so-called listed team components list. This list specifies exactly what teams are not allowed to copy from each other. The list includes components whose design, manufacture or intellectual property is exclusively owned by one competitor. Time will tell whether AlphaTauri will indeed legally introduce an RB19 copy next year.