Webber on Perez's underperformance: 'Even an old fart like me can do that'

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webber over poor performance perez even he can do that
9 July at 13:18
Last update 9 July at 14:00

Sergio Perez once again disappointed during Saturday's qualifying in Britain. The Mexican did not get beyond the 16th position in Q1 and was thus eliminated in the first part. Mark Webber is unapologetic about Perez's current performance at Red Bull Racing.

For the fifth time in a row, Perez failed to reach the final and most important part of qualifying. Each time, the Mexican points to something else, while teammate Max Verstappen actually captured his fifth pole position in a row. Perez said after qualifying that his low tyre temperature did not help his Q1 exit.

Webber lashes out at Perez

Former Red Bull driver Webber sees that Perez needs to improve considerably in qualifying. "I think it’s pretty clear that qualifying is his weakness, obviously, at the moment. And also when there’s any change of conditions in the preparation build-up that make that more tricky for him to understand to get those clean laps in, he’s in all sorts of strife," the Australian told Channel 4.

"In the races anyone can move forward from there, even can I, that’s fine being an old fart like I am now. He has to sort qualifying out, he has to sort the mixed conditions out, and I think he’s going to be alright but at this level you have to deliver in all conditions."