Debate | 'Alex Albon should get his seat back at Red Bull'

Debate | 'Alex Albon should get his seat back at Red Bull'

07-07-2023 21:03

Alex Albon is in the form of his life. After excellent performances in Canada and Austria, the British-Thai driver is tentatively continuing the trend at Silverstone: in both the first and second free practice sessions, Albon finished third with his modest Williams. With such performances, Albon is emphatically applying for a seat with a top team. Earlier, he failed to convince at Red Bull Racing, but now he has matured. So, the question is: should Albon get his seat back at Red Bull?

Barely six months Albon was driving in Formula 1 when he was transferred from Toro Rosso to top team Red Bull. At the side of Max Verstappen, the British-raised Thai faded. Meanwhile, it turns out: so does every teammate of the now two-time world champion. Albon was put into Red Bull far too early anyway, and his career in F1 seemed to end before it had even begun properly. After a season racing in the DTM, Albon got a chance with one of the smallest teams in F1, Williams.

Albon has grown up

Meanwhile, Albon has matured as a driver and - especially in qualifying - regularly does things that are actually considered impossible with this car. At the same time, Red Bull, with Sergio Perez, have someone sitting next to Verstappen who does not know how to exploit the car's potential in every race. Moreover, the 33-year-old Mexican is closer to retirement [from which he has already been saved once by Red Bull] than the eve of a long-standing career in motorsport.

Albon's achievements do not escape anyone, least of all Red Bull. Of course, Helmut Marko is already thinking about Perez's successor - he indicated as much a short while ago - and then surely Albon in this form should be an ideal candidate? It's also no secret that Verstappen and Albon get along particularly well, so there is no need for internal problems.

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