Jos Verstappen on Max: 'He knows that he can win for a long time'

Jos Verstappen on Max: 'He knows that he can win for a long time'

29-06-2023 07:21 Last update: 08:32

Cas van de Kleut

  • Max Verstappen equalled Ayrton Senna in Canada in terms of victories. This weekend in Austria, he could surpass the Brazilian racing legend. However, it has been clear before that Max does not care about records, and father Jos Verstappen tells La Gazzetta dello Sport once again.

In recent years, Verstappen jr. has become a major sensation in Formula 1. With two world titles, 41 wins and 85 podiums by the age of 25, the Dutchman has already had a fine career. He has been competing seriously for the championship since 2021, and two years on, a third world title seems inevitable for the Red Bull driver.

'Max is special'

Verstappen sr. also sees that his son has grown into a great driver. "At the beginning we would have been content to win a Grand Prix. But everything happened quickly, because in the last few seasons Max has a good car and is winning as much as Lewis Hamilton did in previous years. And so the moment comes when your son reaches 41 victories like the great Ayrton Senna... I don't make comparisons, I'm not saying they are on the same level, but Max is special and it's great as a father to witness his exploits," Jos told.

After the victory in Canada, Max did not linger long on emulating Senna, and quickly focused on the next victory. Jos explains why: "He's not a guy who cares about numbers or records. He only cares about racing, and he knows that he can win for a long time, if he has a car to prove it."