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webber wants more praise for f1 team red bull

'If Red Bull had been a factory team, it might have received more praise'

21 June at 13:57
Last update 21 June at 14:00

Former Formula One driver Mark Webber believes Red Bull Racing is not getting the praise it deserves. According to the 46-year-old Australian, who himself has a past with the Austrian racing stable, Red Bull might have been praised more for all its achievements if it had been a factory team.

In Canada, Red Bull reached an important milestone. Max Verstappen's 41st win not only equalled the number of victories of racing legend Ayrton Senna, but also saw the team score its 100th win in the premier class of motorsport. An achievement that may be underrated, Webber believes.

Is Red Bull underrated?

"If they had been a factory team, they might have received even more praise," the nine-time Grand Prix winner let note. Webber stresses that all the people within the team have done a great job to create an F1 car that can not only compete for championships, but is also "dominant in a lot of ways".

According to Webber, what makes his former team so successful is down to all the effort it has put into the sport. He cites the staff and infrastructure at its home base in Milton Keynes as proof of how well the Austrian formation has it together. "People tend to forget that the amount of work Red Bull has done is extraordinary," Webber concludes.