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Raikkonen father for third time: Grace is born
Big news for the Raikkonen family

Raikkonen father for third time: Grace is born

14-06-2023 19:00


Joyous news from the Raikkonen family: Former F1 World Champion Kimi and his wife Minttu have become parents for the third time. The little sprout's name is Grace, the proud family announced via social media.

Images posted on Instagram show the adorable photos of the family gathered by Minttu's bed. The photo reads: "Welcome to the world Grace, we love you so much."

In another photo, Kimi can be seen with now his three children, after previously Robin (2015) and Rianna (2017) were born.

Raikkonen enjoys retirement

Raikkonen has plenty of time for the kids, since he put an end to his long career in Formula 1 in 2021. Since then, he entered NASCAR races as a guest driver. He was hardly seen in the F1 paddock since his retirement, just as the Finn had predicted.