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Mazepin loses in Supreme Court and cannot talk to F1 teams

Mazepin loses in Supreme Court and cannot talk to F1 teams

09-06-2023 08:51 Last update: 09:47

Nikita Mazepin does not have to count on a return to F1 for now. The Russian driver hoped to get back into talks with F1 teams, but for now, he will not get out from under the restrictions imposed on his name.

In early 2022, Mazepin lost his seat with the Haas Formula 1 team. His father Dmitry was the team's primary sponsor but was also said to belong to Vladimir Putin's 'inner circle', meaning Haas threw Mazepin and his father out as a result. After this, the Mazepins also faced sanctions from the UK, Canada and the European Union.

Mazepin back in F1?

The sanctions mean the Mazepins no longer own several (financial) assets, along with carrying the burden of a travel ban. Mazepin and his father had hoped to rectify this with a case in the Supreme Court, but they lost the case, so the sanctions remain.

Mazepin also has a case pending against British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, that case follows on 19 July, with Mazepin wanting these sanctions to be lifted before then, but a judge ruled against that too. With the current restrictions, it will be difficult for Mazepin to strike a deal with an F1 team, although he himself thinks otherwise.