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Verstappen scares other teams: 'Yes, we can win every GP'

Verstappen scares other teams: 'Yes, we can win every GP'

01-06-2023 18:06 Last update: 19:39
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Toby McLuskie

Red Bull Racing won all Grands Prix this season. No team has yet managed to even come close to the Austrian team in 2023. Also in Barcelona, the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is the absolute favourite for victory. As Red Bull is likely to be for all remaining Grands Prix too.

With so much displayed supremacy, the question is justified whether Red Bull can really win all races this season. Verstappen has bad news for the competition, he told at the race press conference in Barcelona, where GPblog was also present. "Well, how it looks like at the moment, I think we can, but that's very unlikely to happen. There are always things that go wrong or you have retirement or whatever,  but purely on pace, I think at the moment it looks like that. We will always get to tracks where maybe it doesn't work out exactly or whatever bad luck in qualifying, you make your own mistakes."

Dominance as old as Formula 1

Red Bull is the dominant force in Formula 1. "About the dominance, we've always seen this in Formula One, there's nothing new. So I think the longer you leave the regulations the same, the closer people  will get. So maybe this is something we need to look at. But I don't remember really. You have the odd year or maybe two years where there are two teams fighting, maybe potentially a third team. But overall, when you look back at the 80s, the 90s, the 2000s, the early 2010s, all the way till 2020, it's been pure dominance of a certain team."

Mercedes driver George Russell, who has previously said he expects Red Bull could well win all Grands Prix by 2023, echoed Verstappen's words. "Yes, I think like Max said, on pure pace, for sure they've got the potential, but certain things can happen. And I'd like to think we'd be able to fight at some point and take advantage of some misfortune down the order. But yes, it's challenging."

"I think I agree with what Max said, there's always been dominance in Formula One. And I think, I don't know how we get to a place where you can have multiple drivers and teams fighting for the championship, because I think that would be the best for the sport, best for all of us. And I think the fans would love it. But obviously, you can't always get what you dream for," Russell concluded.