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Compliments for Verstappen: 'Best sector ever in Monaco'

Compliments for Verstappen: 'Best sector ever in Monaco'

31 May - 11:54 Last update: 12:59

Monaco qualifying was spectacular. It was unclear for a long time who would conquer the pole position, but in the end it was Max Verstappen who secured the first starting spot for Sunday. The Dutchman's third sector in particular was amazing.

Fernando Alonso held the provisional pole position, but Verstappen had yet to complete his final fast lap. The Dutchman was just over two tenths behind the Aston Martin driver after the first two sectors, which meant pole seemed out of reach for Verstappen. But nothing could be further from the truth, as the Red Bull Racing driver drove a fantastic third sector, making up almost three tenths on Alonso and securing pole.

Palmer sees difference between Alonso and Verstappen

Jolyon Palmer analyses Alonso's and Verstappen's fastest qualifying laps on F1's YouTube channel, where he points out the difference between the two two-time world champions: the Dutchman leaves less margin to the barriers.

"In Monaco, the barriers are close, the closer you get to them, the quicker you go. It's pretty much as simple as that, you open up the track width and give yourself more margin to use more speed through the corner, simple racing lines. And that is what Max does beautifully and so much commitment in this final sector. I have to say is the best sector of Monaco I have ever seen, maybe the best the sector of qualifying I have ever seen. It was that good," Palmer says in the video.