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Berger on Verstappen He is going to break all existing records

'He's going to break all existing records, including Hamilton's'

30 May at 12:52
Last update 30 May at 16:22

Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger sees complete dominance by Max Verstappen in this Formula 1 season. The Austrian thinks the Dutchman can break all records not currently to his name, including the 103 wins held by Lewis Hamilton.

Once again this season, the Dutch Red Bull driver has reigned supreme in the world championship. The difference in the rankings between him and teammate Sergio Perez is 39 points. And that after six races. Berger does not see anyone keeping the Dutchman from his third world title.

'Verstappen is going to break all records'

"I trust Verstappen to break all existing records in Formula 1, including Hamilton's 103 wins. He said today that it is not important for him, but that will change," Berger told Kronen Zeitung.

"I read recently that Verstappen and Perez is a repeat of Ayrton Senna against Alain Prost. Yes, Verstappen is in that league and Perez is doing his best to stay close to the Dutchman. Still, to me it looks like Verstappen is going for it on his own."