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Berger enjoys Alonso: 'A dream to see him like this'

Berger enjoys Alonso: 'A dream to see him like this'

15-04-2023 19:45 Last update: 19:49


At 41, Fernando Alonso is enjoying a second youth. The Spaniard has now collected three podium finishes with his new team Aston Martin F1, and at last the results show what a top driver the veteran has always remained. Former driver Gerhard Berger enjoys it.

Berger won 10 Grands Prix in his career. The Austrian was no super talent, but a more than decent driver. At times when he could win, Berger did. Fernando Alonso is indeed a top talent. Yet the Spaniard did not manage to have the career that seemed destined for him. Too often during his career, Alonso chose the wrong team, leaving his number of victories at 'only' 32.

Fan of Alonso

It is possible Alonso could win his first Grands Prix since 2013 this year. Admittedly, Red Bull Racing is in normal circumstances impossibe to defeat, but if something goes wrong with the Austrians, the English team seems a prime candidate to take advantage.

A Grand Prix win for Alonso is something Berger can see: "It is a dream what he is doing. I have always been an Alonso fan. If he had gone the way of Hamilton, he would be a six- or seven-time world champion today. He is such a talented and determined fighter. It is refreshing how he blossoms, with a grin on his face at every interview. Fernando is the man who can bring success to Aston Martin."