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Sainz explains mistake in Monaco: 'Compensate for the frustration'

Sainz explains mistake in Monaco: 'Compensate for the frustration'

28-05-2023 16:57 Last update: 18:24

Carlos Sainz started from the second row in the Monaco Grand Prix but finished behind his teammate. The Ferrari driver ended up two places behind his teammate and only scored four points for his efforts. The Spanish driver is left questioning the Ferrari strategy but ultimately knows his own mistakes cost him. 

Ferrari strategy 

There has been confusion over the Ferrari radio in the past. Once again in Monaco, the Ferrari pit crew were coming in and out of the garage, suggesting they weren't sure when to pit Sainz. He had some front-wing damage, but they decided against fixing this. In the end, Sainz became one of the first drivers to pit on the hard tyres. 

"The first pit stop surprised me because I was on a very quick on the hard tyre, thinking I was going to extend and overcut Esteban. We boxed and were one second behind, which I didn't get. I will talk with them now. With the pit stop and rain coming, I thought we were going to use the hard for a bit longer," Sainz told Sky Sports. 

But ultimately, it was a mistake by Sainz that cost him his position. When the rain fell, Sainz spun and lost control of the car. He had to watch the traffic go by before pulling back out. Sainz then dropped behind teammate Leclerc when Ferrari needed to double stack. 

"The second stop was one lap too late, but that was probably my fault, trying to compensate for the frustration from the first stop by trying something different, and I got it wrong," Sainz concluded.