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Alonso happy with Honda: 'This is the right path for Aston Martin'
'Shows commitment to winning races' - Alonso

Alonso happy with Honda: 'This is the right path for Aston Martin'

25-05-2023 14:03 Last update: 26-05-2023 08:22

Aston Martin dominated Formula 1 news this week. The team announced that Honda will be its new engine supplier from 2026. With the Japanese, Aston Martin wants to take the final step towards earning race wins as well as world titles. Fernando Alonso - who previously drove with a Honda engine in his McLaren days- was critical of the Japanese brand in the past, to say the least. So should Alonso continue in Formula 1 with Aston Martin after 2026, a reunion awaits him.

At the press conference, Alonso reacted elatedly to the announcement: "It is very good news for the team. It shows  the commitment of Aston Martin to really win races and championships in the future, being independent, and manufacturing their own gearboxes. It is the only way to be 100% sure that you are in control of everything in your package, in your car. It's a great sign for everybody in Aston Martin that the desire and the potential to win is there."

'Only benefits'

Alonso was asked whether being a 'factory team' was necessary to win the world title. His answer was 'no'. He then explained: "I do think it is the right way. Especially in 2026, where the new regulations will come, it is always better if you can develop your powerplant together with the chassis and have everything integrated well in advance, being a work team. I think there are only benefits, but I don't think that means until 2026 that Aston Martin will not have a chance to the championship."