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Tenth anniversary of Alonso's last F1 win: Recordbreaker in 2023?

Tenth anniversary of Alonso's last F1 win: Recordbreaker in 2023?

12-05-2023 17:16 Last update: 19:34

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fernando Alonso's last F1 victory. On May 12th in 2013 in Spain, the Spaniard won his 32nd and at the moment last Grand Prix. With his fast Aston Martin, he may be able to put one behind his name again after more than a decade in the 2023 F1 season.

Alonso back after a decade?

That would mean Alonso will pulverise an existing record. Currently, Riccardo Patrese is the driver with the longest drought between victories. Patrese did not win a GP for six years, six months and 28 days after the 1983 GP of South Africa. Only in 1990 in San Marino did he win again. It lasted 98 GPs.

The longest drought in terms of number of races is in the name of Kimi Raikkonen with 114. The Finn won in Australia 2013 and next in the United States in 2018. His drought lasted over five years and seven months. Since it has been 10 years since Alonso last won and his car is good enough to get on the podiums this year, he could well win in a crazy race in 2023.

If Alonso wins a race in 2023, the Spaniard will set the longest gap between two wins in F1. That could be seen as a great comeback by an old veteran in the sport, who more than a decade after his last victory still proves fast enough to win an F1 Grand Prix.

Ten GP winners on the grid

There are currently ten GP winners on the grid, of which Alonso is obviously at the back of this list. For Max Verstappen, it has been just five days since he last won a GP. For Sergio Pérez, twelve days. For George Russell it has been six months since Brazil, for Charles Leclerc more than 10 months, for Carlos Sainz a week longer than Leclerc, for Lewis Hamilton almost a year and a half, for Valtteri Bottas a good year and a half, for Ocon one year and nine months and for Pierre Gasly two years and eight months.