Trend continues: DRS zones shortened in Miami too

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shorter drs zones in miami too
4 May at 16:39
Last update 4 May at 17:18

According to many drivers, the DRS zone in Azerbaijan was too short, but the FIA is not listening and has decided to shorten the DRS zones in Miami too. Only the DRS zone at start-finish remains unchanged.

Two DRS zones shortened

Two of the three DRS zones have been shortened by the FIA at the semi-street circuit in Miami. The DRS zone after turn nine now starts 105 metres after the corner instead of 67 metres last year. This means drivers have 38 metres less DRS at their disposal.

The final DRS zone of the circuit is also shorter than last year. The DRS activation point here in 2022 was 450 metres after the sharp turn sixteen. This year, drivers can only unfold their rear wing here after 525 metres. The idea behind shorter DRS zones is to make overtaking more difficult for the drivers, which should provide more on-track action.