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Marko warns: 'It's not just Ferrari getting closer'

Marko warns: 'It's not just Ferrari getting closer'

02-05-2023 18:34 Last update: 23:22


Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen was hot on the heels of Sergio Pérez through the streets of Baku during the Azerbaijan GP. The pair drove away from Charles Leclerc on P3 by a good 20 seconds. Yet team advisor Dr Helmut Marko sounds a warning note. The competition has moved closer.

Red Bull, especially after last weekend, does not seem to have much to fear from the other teams in 2023. Only the drivers, Verstappen and Pérez, have to face each other at this stage to see who will run off with the drivers' title. Despite Red Bull's display of power during the race, Marko does not seem entirely at ease. According to the Austrian, the competition has not been idle

Marko still expects challengers to Verstappen and Pérez

After the race, the Austrian told German Sky: "They came closer, not just Ferrari. [Fernando] Alonso was extremely strong in the race, he was only held up because of his [sixth] starting position." The development of the other teams and the diminishing of Red Bull's lead does not come as a bolt from the blue for Marko.

Marko: "It was to be expected and it will also get worse for us as the season progresses. We are very limited in our wind tunnel time and because of the regulations combined with the penalty. We are counting on the rest to come closer." So there may still be some tough battles ahead against other teams for Verstappen and Pérez later in the season.