Pietro Fittipaldi has a dream: 'I have to convince Gene and Guenther'

Pietro Fittipaldi has a dream: 'I have to convince Gene and Guenther'

03-05-2023 18:00 Last update: 18:35

Ludo van Denderen

Pietro Fittipaldi has already had a small taste of racing in Formula 1. In 2020, the Brazilian replaced Romain Grosjean twice at the Haas F1 team after his horror crash. This weekend, Fittipaldi will be at the Grand Prix in his hometown of Miami, but again as a reserve driver for the American team. "My dream is to race with my brother in Formula 1," he said in an exclusive interview with GPblog.

Ayrton Senna is one of the absolute legends of Formula 1 history. Now 29 years after his death, he is still adored by many, especially in his own country. Brazilians have never forgotten the name Fittipaldi either. Emerson Fittipaldi captured the world title twice. His grandsons Pietro (26) and Enzo (21) would be only too happy to follow in their grandfather's footsteps. Indeed, all of Brazil yearns for renewed success in Formula 1.

Huge passion for F1

Although Miami born, Pietro feels he is a real Brazilian. He enjoys the passion of fans in the South American country. "I think Brazil has the biggest TV audience in Formula 1," said Pietro, who currently competes in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) for Team JOTA. "The Brazilian fans love Formula 1. The passion in Brazil is unbelievable for Formula 1. I know the fans are pushing every year to have a Brazilian driver on the grid."

Talent is plentiful in Brazil, Pietro Fittipaldi believes. Now they just need to be given the opportunity. "There's a lot of drivers coming up that I think have the chance. I really hope Brazil has a full-time F1 driver on the grid very soon. I think the country deserves it. There will be massive support from the Brazilians. Whether it's me, whether it's Felipe Drugovich, whether it's my brother Enzo as well, who's doing a great job in Formula 2. I'm super proud of him. Who knows, but we just got to keep pushing."

Difficult start

There was a little hype around the youngest Fittipaldi prior to the Formula 2 season. Enzo has yet to live up to the huge expectations, his brother too realises. "Yeah, he has to deliver this year, do a great job. He had a tough start to the season. It wasn't the start he was expecting. But I'm sure it's going to turn around for him because the speed is there. He's just staying calm."

Pietro is under contract with Haas, Drugovich is a test and reserve driver for Aston Martin and Enzo is included in the Red Bull Racing Academy. So all three drivers are affiliated with an F1 racing stable: "Myself," Pietro says when asked who will be the first of the trio to have a permanent seat in F1? "I want it to be me, obviously. The dream would be to race with my brother in Formula 1. We've grown up together. We've done everything together. We live together. He's always supporting me. I'm always there supporting him." 

Who knows, one day: Two Fittipaldi's in the same team. "That would be so cool. I have to convince Gene [Haas] and Guenther [Steiner]," Pietro laughs.