Jordan remains hopeful of Michael Schumacher's recovery

Michael Schumacher ever back in F1 paddock? "Would be an absolute miracle"

23 April at 10:23
Last update 23 April at 11:09

Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan gave Michael Schumacher a chance in 1991 by opting for the German to replace Bertrand Gachot at the Belgian Grand Prix. The same Jordan has still not given up hope that we will see the record champion around the paddock in the future.

Schumacher's story is well known. The 54-year-old former driver was seriously injured in a skiing accident and was in a coma for a long time. How Schumacher is doing now is unclear. The family wants privacy, and only a very select number of people are allowed to visit him. Jordan is not currently one of them, but he does maintain good contact with Schumacher's family.

Jordan talks about Michael Schumacher

During the London Luxury Afloat, Jordan told Express Sport that the care Schumacher recieves is "unbelievable". Whether we will ever see him back on the paddock? "Do you know that would be an absolute miracle, but it would also be a dream. Nonetheless, you have to be realistic, and there are people in science and people in medicine who are making the most unbelievable.”

The 75-year-old Irishman knows that compared to a decade ago, medicine is already a lot further ahead in terms of knowledge. That is where he is pinning his hopes. "I would hope beyond hope that it could happen and think while there’s hope and belief in the world then anything is possible.” Currently, Schumacher is rehabilitating in his own home and is busy working on his recovery. In doing so, he is getting help from the best specialists in the world.

It remains mostly quiet around Schumacher

Incidentally, a so-called interview with Michael Schumacher appeared last week. However, the interview was generated by an AI voice. The publisher of the magazine in question has apologised to the Schumacher family for the fake interview. It admitted that the article "should never have been published". Moreover, it was announced that the editor-in-chief had been fired.