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Kvyat on switch with Verstappen: 'I felt betrayed'

Kvyat on switch with Verstappen: 'I felt betrayed'

17 April - 13:43 Last update: 15:51


Daniil Kvyat was appointed as Sebastian Vettel's replacement at Red Bull Racing in 2015. His time with the top team was unfortunately short for the Russian: during the 2016 season, Kvyat was replaced by Max Verstappen. The former Formula 1 driver reveals that he felt "betrayed" by his team at the time.

Kvyat had a poor start to the 2016 season despite a podium in China. The Russian was involved in a lot of incidents, for instance, he drove into Vettel twice during his home race, eventually causing the German to finish in the tyre pile. Partly because of this, Kvyat was replaced by Verstappen after only four races.

Kvyat felt betrayed

The former Red Bull driver was a guest on the Track Limits Podcast and told there, among other things, he had already received an offer to drive for Ferrari. Kvyat also talks about how he felt about his relegation to rising Toro Rosso.

"I felt really betrayed at that moment,” he said in the podcast. “It was a stab in the back and that’s life, you get stabbed in the back sometimes you know, it’s normal. Now it’s the past. I have another good career in racing so part of me of course is very thankful to Red Bull. The other part of me is still very unhappy with it.”