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Pirelli chief satisfied: 'Our goals have been achieved'

Pirelli chief satisfied: 'Our goals have been achieved'

08-04-2023 19:33 Last update: 20:05


Pirelli is satisfied with the quality of its tyres this season. At the Australian Grand Prix, Pirelli chief Mario Isola let it be known that in his opinion the objectives for this season have been achieved.

During the winter break, Pirelli worked extensively with the various teams to design the new tyres. The company focused on three specific points: improvements in tyre reliability, reduction of understeer, and the addition of a new tyre compound (the C1). This new compound is the replacement for the old C1, now known as the C0. In addition, Pirelli has also done work to shape a new rain tyre, something the company was heavily criticised for last year.

'The new package is working as expected'

According to Isola, it has so far managed to achieve these goals quite well. "I am satisfied because the targets have been met. The new package is working as expected," the Italian commented to Motorsport.com. Isola did stress, however, that it is still early in the season. The company will continue to develop the tyres throughout the season, and will only make a final decision on the final development path after the British Grand Prix.

Isola chose an unusual race to express its approval of the tyres. The closing stages of the race saw a lot of chaos and several crashes as drivers failed to get enough temperature in their tyres. Lando Norris called the Pirelli tyres "unworthy of Formula 1" after the race.