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Hamilton will avoid Masi: 'There's nothing to say'

Hamilton will avoid Masi: 'There's nothing to say'

30-03-2023 10:14 Last update: 12:30


Former race director Michael Masi can be found in the paddock at the Australian Grand Prix. Mercedes' arch-rival cannot count on a friendly greeting or a chat. Lewis Hamilton does not need to speak to the Australian.

In the final five laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final race of the 2021 F1 season, Hamilton's chances of winning the record eight titles expired. A controversial decision by Masi regarding the safety car reshuffled the cards in the race. Max Verstappen managed to take maximum advantage and took the title instead of Hamilton, his first.

Hamilton will not speak to Masi

It is one of the most controversial moments in recent F1 history. Mercedes' criticism forced the FIA to investigate the situation during the closing stages of the Abu Dhabi GP. One of the results of this investigation was that there should no longer be just one person with final responsibility in race control. Masi was also removed from his position.

A good year later, Masi attended the Australian Grand Prix and Hamilton was asked if he would speak to Masi this weekend. The Times cites Hamilton: "I' won't. I am just focused on my future. I am focused on trying to get back to winning again. There is nothing to say."