'Ferrari set to arrive at Imola with significant update'


ferrari major update in imola to draft red bull
29 March at 13:03
Last update 29 March at 14:07
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Ferrari will come to Imola with a major update to the SF-23. The Italian team is enduring a disappointing start to the season. Ferrari are fourth in the championship and has not yet managed to score a podium.

The well-informed Italian branch of Motorsport.com reports that Ferrari will make a major update to their car at Imola. With this, the Scuderia will abandon the current 'bathtub' concept and the concept of the SF-23 will move more towards the concept of the dominant team at the moment, Red Bull Racing.

Updates Ferrari

The 'new' Ferrari will certainly not be an exact copy of the RB19, but the characteristic 'bathtub' will disappear. The sixth round of the season will see a new floor, a new rear suspension and also changes to the sidepods. The aim of the update is mainly to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

Ferrari actually wanted to bring update earlier

The Grand Prix in Imola is not until 21 May, so that is still just under two months away. Actually, the Italian team had wanted to bring the update earlier, during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This will not happen after all, because implementing the new parts will take longer than expected.