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Hamilton's options: Where will he race next season?

Hamilton's options: Where will he race next season?

26-03-2023 08:23 Last update: 08:52


Will it be Mercedes, will it be Ferrari or are there other options? Lewis Hamilton has still not signed his new Mercedes contract. He is virtually hopeless in the 2023 title race, so what will the British driver choose? Or perhaps more accurately, who will choose the British driver?

The first and perhaps the most obvious option is to re-sign with Mercedes. Despite the team's disappointing results since the beginning of last season, Hamilton knows exactly what to expect at the German team. If Hamilton is going to leave Mercedes, it will only be to an obvious title contender.

Hamilton, Sainz or Leclerc?

Then, of course, there is Ferrari. Countless rumours circulating about the Briton heading to the Italian team. How realistic is this option? Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both still have contracts running until 2024 and there are hardly any reasons to end the partnership of either of these drivers.

The other options in Formula 1 seem to be scarce. Christian Horner has already indicated he does not want to work with Hamilton. It remains a mystery where the British driver will sign, but there seem to be very few realistic options.