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Krack enthusiastic: 'If you don't experience it, you wouldn't believe this'

Krack enthusiastic: 'If you don't experience it, you wouldn't believe this'

24-03-2023 17:40 Last update: 17:47


Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack is full of praise for his team. In an interview by Racer, Krack expressed his delight, although he is keeping a wary eye on the rest of the season.

Aston Martin are enjoying a phenomenal start to the season. The team finished only seventh among the constructors last year, but they are currently tied with Mercedes in the championship, and Fernando Alonso has been on the podium in both races so far this season.

"It’s incredible — you cannot believe it if you do not live it," beams Krack. "There is huge momentum and huge energy in the team — I am looking forward to going to work because everyone is flat out, flat out, flat out. You have to push people out to go home to see their families at times. It really is a pleasure to work in this team." 

Krack won't declare Aston Martin second team just yet

In Bahrain, Stroll was relatively new in the car, as the Canadian had missed the test days due to an injury. An injury, by the way, that had not fully recovered during the race. In Jeddah, Stroll crashed out with technical problems. So, for now, we have yet to see the performance capabilities of Aston Martin when both drivers participate in the race. Nevertheless, it seems likely that they can at least battle Ferrari and Mercedes for second place among the constructors.

Krack, however, is reluctant to voice that out loud just yet. "I think we need to be careful saying second — I think we can safely say we have made a substantial improvement. We have two data samples from two completely different tracks, and in these two tracks, we were competitive, but there are others. It is a relative game — it could also be that one of the competitors had issues that we are not aware of and that would remix the order."