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Mercedes returns Alonso's trophy in style to Aston Martin

Mercedes returns Alonso's trophy in style to Aston Martin

23-03-2023 06:26


George Russell has had to hand back his trophy for third place in Saudi Arabia. The Brit received the cup after Fernando Alonso's time penalty, but now that it has been overturned, the trophy has to go back to Aston Martin. It will be done in style.

Cup back to Alonso

It was a real soap opera surrounding the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. Alonso crossed the line in third, but appeared to be under pressure from a five-second time penalty in the final laps of the race. The Spaniard headed for the podium, but not much later he would still receive a 10-second penalty. As a result, he still lost his third place to Russell.

However, Aston Martin challenged the decision and was vindicated. The penalty was reversed and so Alonso was classified third. This means that the cup, which had already gone with Russell, will have to go back to Aston Martin after all. Fortunately, it is not going to be a long drive, according to Mercedes' video.