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Threatened Masi makes plea: 'Abuse should not be tolerated’

Threatened Masi makes plea: 'Abuse should not be tolerated’

21-03-2023 20:47 Last update: 21:21


Michael Masi will forever be linked to that tumultuous 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. After a controversial decision by the then race director, Max Verstappen managed to keep Lewis Hamilton off his eighth title in the very last lap of the final Grand Prix of the season. For Masi, his decision had dramatic consequences.

Not only did the FIA decide to break ways with Masi, the Australian also faced multiple death threats, he told Speedcafe. "There were also threats upon family members of mine – just some really, really weird stuff, let’s just say, that came out of it."

Enemy or not: stop it!

These days, it is quite simple to anonymously make the most bizarre slurs and threats online. Masi appeals to everyone to stop doing that. “I don’t care who it is, no one should be [vilified]. Regardless if they’re my worst enemy or not, it’s not something that should be condoned. Everyone in this sport is extremely passionate about the teams that they follow, the drivers that they follow or the vehicle brands that they follow. And embracing passion is one thing, but threatening people in any way, shape or form, be they officials, drivers or teams, is just not on."

Masi was unemployed for a year after working in Formula 1. He has since returned to racing. This includes being a consultant for various projects. Moreover, he is head of the Supercars Commission. Supercars is Australia's most popular racing series.