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Ferrari victim of extortion by anonymous hacker collective

Ferrari victim of extortion by anonymous hacker collective

21 March - 16:57 Last update: 21:14

For now, 2023 is not Ferrari's year. The Italian brand does not currently have a Formula 1 car competing for the top positions. To make matters worse, Ferrari reports via a press release that it has fallen victim to a hacker group, demanding a ransom so that customer contact details are not made public.

Ferrari, in this case not the Formula 1 team per se, says it will not accede to the cyber criminals' demand. The Italians say they will never pay ransom, as this finances criminal activities and is more tempting for these underworld figures to continue their illegal practices.

Case brought to authorities' attention

Ferrari has, however, brought the case to the authorities' attention. The brand says it is confident that the police investigation will lead to a proper resolution of the case. Customers have also already been informed about the possible data breach. Meanwhile, an investigation into the severity and implications of the possible data breach has been launched with by an external cyber security firm.

Ferrari understands that customers may be concerned, but reassures them as much as possible. Meanwhile, work has been done to make its own systems even more secure. Also, Ferrari informs that the whole affair has not (had) any impact on Ferrari's operations, so does not negatively affect the Formula 1 branch either.

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