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Sainz on performance: 'We have a long year ahead of us'

Sainz on performance: 'We have a long year ahead of us'

20 March - 19:47 Last update: 20:06


Carlos Sainz finished in sixth place at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, well behind number one, Sergio Perez, by 35 seconds. Although Ferrari was still keeping up well with Red Bull last season, it is now noticeable that the gap between the two teams is huge.

"It is the harsh reality, they are one step ahead, especially in terms of race pace," said Sainz in an interview with DAZN Spain, about the disappointing results of Sunday. 

False start

Scuderia Ferrari had a false start in Bahrain by finishing with a DNF and a fourth place for Sainz. Results were also very disappointing in Jeddah, although the Italian team did pick up more points than last weekend.

The Spanish racing driver does not sound very hopeful for this season, "We have a long year ahead of us." However, he does try to hold out hope for a good continuation of the season, "I think we will be able to improve this car, which is perhaps not the fastest car in the race at the moment."

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