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Coulthard on Verstappen's chances in Jeddah: 'Possible, but very difficult'

Coulthard on Verstappen's chances in Jeddah: 'Possible, but very difficult'

19 March - 12:44 Last update: 12:54


As everyone knows, Max Verstappen will start the race from 15th on the grid. Despite Verstappen being known as someone who can conjure up phenomenal overtaking runs, this is not the best track for overtaking. Anything but. David Coulthard looks ahead to the race.

Last year in Belgium, the Dutchman started from 14th place. With a great catch-up race, he still managed to secure first place and the 25 points. Can we expect such a similar event on the streets of Jeddah? That seems unlikely, but nothing is impossible of course.

Prediction David Coulthard

David Coulthard does not see a win for the Limburger happening today." There's a lot more technicalities to this race track when he's coming through the traffic, he cannot pass them in the high speed corners, he's going to lose time." the Scot told Viaplay.

He predicts that while Verstappen can get into the top-10, he will run into problems. "So I think by the time he makes his way through, definitely he's going to get well into the top 10. By the time he gets there, then you know Checo and Fernando, these guys should have enough track position," Coulthard says.

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