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Red Bull advisor Marko on Mintzlaff: 'The relationship is very different'

Red Bull advisor Marko on Mintzlaff: 'The relationship is very different'

19 March - 11:57 Last update: 12:53


Oliver Mintzlaff has been the chief executive when it comes to Red Bull's sports arm since 2022. Mintzlaff knows his roots mainly in football, where he was in charge for RB Leipzig. Helmut Marko explains why the relationship with his younger colleague has some snags.

Last October, Red Bull Racing co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz passed away. Compared to Mintzlaff, Mateschitz knew a lot about motorsport. The criticism of RBR's current supervisor comes from the fact that he would not know much about motorsport. There are rumours that Marko and Mintzlaff are by no means the best of friends.

Helmut Marko on the relationship

Helmut marko puts an end to all uncertainty. "Mintzlaff is new and also has his ideas. You can't have the same relationship after two months. That will probably never happen." he told Sky Sports. Marko is referring here to the relationship he had with Mateschitz. He himself finds it very difficult to compare those two relationships. After all, Marko and Mateschitz were friends of each other.

"The relationship is not comparable. I had a relationship with Mateschitz for over 30 years and he was a profound expert in motorsport. We spoke on a completely different level," the Red Bull adviser said. How the relationship will continue with his 32-year-old younger colleague will have to be seen. In any case, Doctor Marko will no longer be able to rely on the support of a "true connoisseur."

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