hamilton reacts defeated after disappointing qualifying jeddah

Hamilton balks: 'Really don't know what to say'

18 March at 19:39

Lewis Hamilton got no further than an eighth time in qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and that frustrates him. George Russell was a lot faster with his fourth time and so there is little choice for the seven-time world champion but to acknowledge that he was wrong about the set-up.

"We got the set-up probably wrong again, but yeah, I just struggled with the car today. FP3 was much better but qualifying again, I just couldn’t make it work," Hamilton told Viaplay. His compatriot, like in Bahrain in qualifying, simply had it better: "Yeah, he did a great job with the setup, and it just worked for him."

Speaking to several media present at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, he expressed his disappointment at the current situation. "It's miserable. I'm giving absolutely everything. I'm here late as possible everyday, I'm getting ready as best I can and I get in the car and can't connect with it. I really don't know what to say. I'll try to recover tomorrow. It's a new day so, I'll give it everything."