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Hamilton to Ferrari? Lazenby does not 100 per cent rule it out

Hamilton to Ferrari? Lazenby does not 100 per cent rule it out

11 March - 11:32 Last update: 13:21


Simon Lazenby of English medium Sky Sports claimed that Lewis Hamilton is so emphatically seeking that eighth world title that it cannot be ruled out that he is considering a move to Ferrari "out of desperation". Naomi Schiff is Lazenby's colleague. She does not see Hamilton leaving Mercedes anytime soon, but thinks Ferrari is a good option if he does leave.

Lazenby, with his striking statements, does need some context to be understood. "He's not put his pen to paper yet on his contract. He's definitely waiting to see how this year's car felt," said presenter Lazenby. He does downplay these findings a little. "I think the great relationship with the team and Toto will endure but I don't think you can ever rule out a move to Ferrari for racing drivers because it's their dream and he's said it before."

Hamilton's loyalty

Formula One expert at Sky Sports Naomi Schiff does not see a switch happening at all. "He is very much a team player. I think he's also said he wants to leave his legacy there and be part of the team just like Niki [Lauda] was. I don't see him leaving last minute after all these years with the team," Schiff said in the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

Lewis Hamilton has indicated as recently as June 2022 that he will never want to and cannot leave Mercedes. He refers to his 'loyalty' tattoo on his arm. Will we see the British driver make a switch to the Italian superpower one day after all? Hamilton himself dismisses all rumours.