Mercedes reserve driver: So yeah, Lewis can be upbeat and positive

Mercedes reserve driver: "So yeah, Lewis can be upbeat and positive"

8 March - 13:36 Last update: 16:39

Mick Schumacher has had his first few months at Mercedes and despite the German formation not yet being where it wants to be on the grid, the 23-year-old driver is thoroughly enjoying himself. Schumacher is confident his employer will get back on top, although he knows that will not be the case overnight.

"It's been very enlightening, very interesting for me to see I think racing from a different perspective," said Schumacher, who closely followed all sessions in Bahrain from the garage. "I've never really encountered this side of it. A lot that I could take on board, hopefully a lot that I'll be able to use in the future."

Mercedes must come up with updates

At Mercedes, there is no time for disappointment. The German explained on the podcast F1 Nation that everyone is keeping their spirits up and working very hard to take steps forward. "I think that everybody is keeping the positivity hight, focus on the positives and really looking ahead to hopefully turning things around soon. I think in general Mercedes has always proven one of the best teams to bring upgrades and turn things around. So yeah, Lewis can be upbeat and positive."

Hamilton had hoped to win his eighth world title in 2023, but he can put that out of his mind for now. Hamilton admitted after the Bahrain Grand Prix that he felt his opinion hadn't been taken onboard enough regarding the W14. 

Big gap to Red Bull

In Bahrain, the gap to Red Bull Racing was huge. Schumacher does not know whether Mercedes can be more competitive in Jeddah. "Difficult to say. I mean, the the Red Bull just looks super, super dominant. It looked really simple out there in some ways for for Max and Checo. I don't think that there's reason to believe that we'll be at their pace, but hopefully will be a bit closer," he concluded.