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Ferrari cites adaptability as key: 'Only 13 standard weekends'

Ferrari cites adaptability as key: 'Only 13 standard weekends'

14 February - 17:28 Last update: 22:08


The Ferrari SF23 has been unveiled to the F1 public and Charles Leclerc has even already driven a few laps in it. Racing Director of the Scuderia Laurent Mekies is already looking ahead to the 2023 F1 season. The Frenchman thinks adaptability is going to be important this year.

In 2023, the cars change minimally compared to the previous year. On the calendar front, however, changes have been made for next season. For instance, 2023 will be a record year in terms of the number of races, but there will also be twice as many sprint races and a new qualifying system is being tested. The team not only has to be long-winded, but must also prepare for unexpected situations.

Mekies warns of anomalous F1 weekends

Mekies told the Italian branch of Motorsport.com. In 2023, there are only 13 race weekends with a standard format. There will be thirteen normal races, six sprint races, two weekends where testing will take place for Pirelli during FP2 and two races where the new qualifying idea will be tested. These tests will require drivers to start qualifying on the hard tyre and use a softer tyre every qualifying lap.

Mekies: "It's the same for everyone, but it does mean we have to be extra vigilant in our preparations." For Ferrari in particular, things often did not run smoothly or automatically in 2022. You could even argue that the blundering at the Scuderia contributed largely to losing the title race to Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing. That there are more 'different' weekends on the 2023 calendar could potentially make things difficult for Ferrari. In any case, Mekies is in the know.

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